This pack includes all the services that any company may need to manage the digital part of its business, of course we adapt to all kinds of technological needs, including API integrations, custom backends, authentication service, online commerce etc ...

Every professional company needs a website to match

High performance professional website

A 100% personalized website with the highest possible performance, because an excellent company must have an excellent website.

Average score of 95-100 on Google Pagespeed and Lighthouse.
2 languages ​​for your website to choose from.
Unlimited maintenance and changes whenever you want included in the price
5 pages per Web, with the functionalities you want.
Professionally optimized and copyrighted images
Dark mode
Positioning included in our websites

Advanced SEO

All our clients' websites have an SEO improvement procedure, which includes a study of 10 keywords for their site, with the aim of obtaining a very good output base and thus achieving a semi-professional positioning in a few months from the launch of the site.

Microsoft Exchange

Professional corporate email

In this pack for companies, you cannot miss an excellent mail service. That is why we offer Microsoft Exchange, so that our clients do not have any problems when using their corporate mail. migration and the fine-tuning of everything.

Unlimited professional email accounts, roles, permissions and much more.
1 TB of secure cloud storage per user
50 GB of mailbox and sending of messages up to 150 MB
No spam problems, always operational.
All the advantages of Microsoft Exchange for your company.
Read confirmation of the emails you send.
Built-in spell checker
We take care of the cost and management of the annual renewal of both

Hosting and domain

In this service, we include the costs of maintenance and renewal of hosting and domain for the web, including SSL certificates and software updates for both the server and the web. Of course these servers are capable of providing the speed and quality that we are looking for with this product. We also monitor every 5 minutes to ensure that the website is online and fully operational.

You will be able to know the status of your website at all times

Monthly web audit

You will automatically receive detailed reports every month about interesting data about your website to be able to follow up on our work and, above all, so that you can see and analyze all the metrics that these 3 monthly reports detail. :

Report about competitors, search engine optimization, SEO AND keywords used, among others.
Performance report to see how your site is performing with its respective most advanced numerical data.
Traffic report and analytics of your website, to analyze which users see your business.


Delivery time: 2 - 3 weeks

We will contact you within a maximum period of 24 hours